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Free Opti-Direct System!

Help us out and we'll help you out.

We have submitted the Opti-Direct System to CARB (that's the California Air Resources Board) for emissions compliance certification and we need a (Southern) California car to allow them to run some simple tests.

Test Requirements:
1) The requested vehicle is an unmodified 1996 or '97 Camaro Z28 with automatic transmission.
2) The vehicle must be stock and in good tune with no trouble codes.
3) The vehicle will be scanned to verify that no fault codes are set and all OBD-II tests are operating.
4) The Opti-Direct System will be installed.
5) You will drive your vehicle as you do normally for 500 miles, on a series of trips. Many OBD-II tests occur on "per trip" basis, so one 500 mile trip wouldn't be useful. Normal, everyday commuting and errands would be best.
6) After 500 miles, the vehicle is scanned again to verify that all tests were functioning and no codes were set.
7) Assuming no codes are set, test is complete and you keep the Opti-Direct System!
   (If a code was set, we will repair the cause and repeat the test.)

If getting swag for what you do normally sounds like a good deal, call us today at 703-476-3566 and we'll set it up. We have a technical rep in the L.A. area to take care of the details and make things easy for you.

Simplified Part Numbering
A revised Parts List is effective May 1, 2005 with a much simplified part numbering system. Most part numbers are an easy-to-memorize four digits.
New Billet Opti Cover
Billet Opti-Spark Distributor Cover (PN 4000) released for sale. It is machined from solid aluminum with the Delteq logo in the center. Really dresses up the front of your LT1 - the part that's not covered by the water pump, that is.
Press Release & Flyer now available for Opti-Direct Ignition System. click here