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Why "Barebones" Kits Make Sense

Delteq sells only brand new ignition modules and coils purchased directly from the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality.

However, there are other sources for used or almost-new parts from eBay, junkyards, or maybe even your own garage. If you have an alternate source for a module and coils, you don't have to buy them from us. "Barebones" kits include everything our Complete kits do, except for the ignition module, coils, and plug wires.

A note on terminology: Our definition of "coilpack" is a module and its coils. Others may use this term to refer to just the module or just the coils. Just make sure that you know exactly what you're getting.

Required Parts:

AC Delco
Part No.
1   D1980A   Ignition Module, used on 1993-1999 Cadillac Northstar engines and 1995-1999 Olds Aurora
4   D555   2-tower Ignition Coil
8   ---   Ignition wires using standard GM terminals, not the special LT1 terminals
Custom Delteq wire sets are available separately if you prefer not to make your own.
Where to find "Almost-New" parts:

Auto Parts Haven (eBay Store)
Ecaronline (eBay Store)

Searching on the keywords "cadillac module" or "aurora module" will find most of the relevant items. Some items may not even have "ignition" in the title, so it pays to check them all. Some that have a matching title will be for the wrong model, so double-check the part numbers. The ignition module number may read D1980A or D1980-A, although the first is the proper designation.

Where to find used parts:

Car-parts.com is a searchable database of thousands of junkyards nationwide.

For Reference:

acdelco.com is another searchable database that will give you a list of every vehicle that used a specific component. Seems to work best with Internet Explorer, although it now works somewhat with Netscape (it didn't used to work at all).
Autozone carries replacement parts. All aftermarket modules appear to be made by Delphi (OEM). Advance Auto Parts has more replacement parts.