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Will the Opti-Direct Work on my car?

The Opti-Direct Ignition System is available in three different configurations to fit all LT1, LT4, or L99 equipped vehicles. This includes:

  1. 1993-1997 V8 Camaro & Firebird
  2. 1994-1996 Impala SS,Caprice, Roadmaster, Fleetwood
  3. 1992-1996 Corvette

When you place an order for one of our complete kits, you can be sure that everything needed for your application will be included in the kit.

What is needed to use the Delteq Bare Bones Opti Direct System?

The Bare Bones kit includes everything from the complete kit except for the spark plug wires and the coilpack. The coilpack consists of four coils and one ignition module. The relevant part numbers and OEM applications for the coilpack are outlined below:

1 ACDelco #D1980A Ignition Control Module (no known equivalent available)
Used on 1993-1999 Cadillacs with Northstar engine (VIN = 9 or Y)
and 1995-1999 Olds Aurora (VIN = C)

4 ACDelco #D555 Ignition Coils or equivalent
Used on over 1000 GM vehicles from 1984 to the present

eBaymotors.com is generally an excellent source for these coilpacks. You may want to check your local salvage yard as well.


Will the Opti-Direct Ignition Fix My LT1's Problems?

Since we began selling the Opti-Direct Systems, we have been able to help many people fix their LT1 engine problems. The most common problem with the LT1 is cap and rotor wear. Since the Opti-Spark distributor is so difficult to access, most people do not change the cap and rotor until the engine has starting running noticably rough...and since it is such a hard job, most people prefer to just buy a whole new Opti-Spark distributor rather than just the cap and rotor. Depending on driving style, the cap and rotor can wear out in under 20,000 miles. With the Delteq Opti-Direct Ignition, the problem of cap and rotor wear is eliminated forever.

It should be realized that the Delteq Opti-Direct Ignition can't mask a problem that is not associated with the cap and rotor on the Opti-Spark distributor. It is easy to blame the cap and rotor when your car has a misfire; however, in some cases, the car may have a fuel pressure problem or a faulty fuel injector or a broken spark plug or a bad spark plug wire, etc. In such cases, it is advisable to try and diagnose the car as much as possible. Get an OBD scanner, and see if there are any trouble codes in the ECM. This will generally steer you in the right direction. If there are no trouble codes, check for a drop in fuel pressure when the misfire occurs. If there are no problems there, and your spark plugs and wires are good, it could very well be the cap and rotor...especially if your car has over 50,000 miles on them.



Will My "Brand X" Ignition Box Work With the Opti-Direct System?

There are a ton of different ignition products available on the market from several different manufacturers. Delteq has not had a chance to test every unit currently on the market, and since new products seem to hit the streets almost daily, this would be a difficult proposition anyway! So, here are some guidelines as to what to look for to perform various ignition tasks:

Capacitive Discharge Ignitions (CD Boxes) - The most common CD box out there would have to be the MSD-6A (and its various offshoots). Simply stated, this type of unit will NOT work with our system. Since the CD boxes typically control a single ignition coil directly, you would actually need FOUR of them to work with our ignition. However, there really is not much of a need for a CD ignition on our multi-coil setup. Since CD boxes were originally designed to fire lean-burn engines (which the LT1 is NOT) and provide faster charge times for single-coil systems that run out of available charge time with increasing RPM, they do not very useful on a multi-coil LT1.

Timing Retards - There are probably more timing retards on the market to decrease your ignition timing with increasing boost or nitrous activation than there are CD boxes. Most of the timing retards on the market work by manipulating the coil directly, rather than by manipulating the timing (EST) signal. Again, such a system would require FOUR timing retard boxes to work properly on the Opti-Direct Ignition. The Crane Cams TRC-1 is the exception to the rule - it retards timing based solely on the Electronic Spark Timing (EST) signal used on the LT1. This is a fairly low cost item.

Higher-end systems have been designed by MSD to provide multi-channel timing retards for this task, but they are a few hundred dollars. If you need such a system, we recommend just calling the tech support number for the ignition company of your choice and asking for a timing retard for a Cadillac Northstar Ignition.

Rev Limiters - Since many LT1's are drag raced, rev limiters are often desired. The majority of the rev limiters on the market work by regulating the coil charging directly, rather than by adjusting the timing control (EST) signal. Rev limiters designed for the stock single-coil Opti-Spark system will NOT work. Once again, we recommend just calling the tech support number for the ignition company of your choice and asking for a rev limiter for a Cadillac Northstar Ignition.



Installation Manuals

Opti-Direct Installation Manual (940kb)