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The Opti-Direct Solution
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Opti-Direct Ignition for Corvette

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1992-1996 Corvette (915kb) Coilpack mounted on driver side valve cover Models Covered:
PN 1010 1992           Complete Kit
PN 1011 1993-1996 Complete Kit
PN 1030 1992           Barebones Kit
PN 1031 1993-1996 Barebones Kit

1993-1997 Camaro/Firebird (F-Body) with ASR (Traction Control) (1148kb)
Coilpack mounted on lower radiator shroud
Models Covered:
PN 1012 1993-1997 Complete Kit
PN 1032 1993-1997 Barebones Kit

1993-1997 Camaro/Firebird (F-Body) without ASR (Traction Control)
1994-1996 Caprice, Impala SS, Roadmaster, Fleetwood (B- & D-Body)
Universal / Retrofit (1074kb)
Coilpack mounted on driver side valve cover
Models Covered:
PN 1013 1993-1997 Valve Cover Mounted Complete Kit
PN 1014 Universal Complete Kit (No bracket or ignition wires)
PN 1033 1993-1997 Valve Cover Mounted Barebones Kit
PN 1034 Universal  Barebones Kit

Installation Advisories:
1) Do not mount the Opti-Box directly to the cylinder head. Use the  included washers (and maybe a couple more) to create an airspace between the box and the head.
2) Take care when bolting down the Opti-Box not to stress it in a way that might bend it, which could compromise sealing. The Nylok nuts do not need to be tight to be secure - they will not back out, so please be gentle.
3) Our philosophy is to test the install as early as possible to prevent problems from arising. Hence, after the coilpack is mounted, but before the stock ignition module is removed, the harnesses can be hooked up for a test firing of the coils. If the test is successful, permanently install the Opti-Box and retest. If it works before and not after, you probably flexed the Opti-Box case (see #2).